Information about SoundFuze

How it works
How do you use SoundFuze?

SoundFuze is a marketplace of musicians and DJs for an event or occasion you are planning.  You can search for the right performer by genre, type of event, and location, to name a few.  You can also search by price.  Transparent hourly pricing helps you quickly find live music within your budget, and avoid a long negotiating process.

When you find a performer you are interested in, you can learn about them on their SoundFuze profile, as well as watch and listen to music and media they may have included.  You can also message them directly to learn more about them, and if they fit the event you are planning.  You may feel like learning about multiple performers to help you decide. 

Once you have found the right performer, you can book them securely through their SoundFuze profile by using a credit card or PayPal account.

Lastly, enjoy your live music.  And of course, always feel free to reach out to SoundFuze directly at with any questions.