Cofun C

Innovative mix master Cofun Chen, more popularly known as DJ Cofun, is as energetic and upbeat as her music. Raised in Taiwan, she came stateside at 15 years old. Passionate about producing a one-of-a-kind and relatable sound experience, her style is a smooth fusion of Eastern and Western influences.

First inspired by the emotional impact of Trance, DJ Cofun utilizes music as a tool to inspire and foster genuine human connection. She understands music’s ability to transport us into an enhanced emotional state. The right music turns mere moments into memories. Her dedication to the art is evident in every perfectly layered soundscape. Her unique mixes always contains a creative twist to keep crowds on their toes.

DJ Cofun is a multi-faceted artist whose work breaks the mold of any one genre or style. Her creativity seamlessly spans EDM, Top 40, Pop and Hip Hop. Her music generates an open and authentic atmosphere, inviting listeners to cut loose and ramp up! The San Francisco-based Gemini prides herself on her ability to pump up a crowd with high energy beats. When she’s not carefully crafting the sound vibe for your special event, she channels her energy into her twin loves: sports and video games.

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